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Problem Description

When trying to log into the Triton Manager or pulling up the module or tab for a service (Web, Email or Data), errors are being received on load. 


Is it a Manager issue or a Module issue?

Forcepoint Security Manager (formerly known as Triton Manager) issues generally present themselves if the GUI itself will not load at all, either by an inability to log into the GUI, or retrieving an error when attempting to load the page for the login. Other areas specific to the Manager are under the "Triton Settings" option at the top right of the page, which is where administrators are assigned. To begin, please see:
General Manager issues

Module issues happen when a log in is successful, but the module itself will not load due to an error message. This is most apparent if one module, such as Web, will not open, but another module, such as Data, does open. 

Modules discussed:
General (All Modules)

A separate issue might be for a specific menu, such as Reporting, of which troubleshooting will be for the service(s) related to the menu selected rather than the Manager as a whole, and will generally not be covered in this article. This article will also not address Alerts or System Health within Triton Manager. Please see Featured Articles Home and our Knowledge Base for additional troubleshooting steps. 

Manager issues

These issues are specific to the Manager GUI itself, ranging from login and certificate error warnings to problems adding administrators. 

How to create and install a new server certificate in the TRITON EIP infrastructure
This article gives the steps necessary to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to be signed by a company's Root Certificate Authority, including filling out the alternative names that may be use to log into Triton Manager (by URL or by IP address), and where to insert them on the Windows server where the Manager is installed so as to stop the Certificate Error warning when loading Forcepoint Security Manager. 

How to Reset the Admin Password for Forcepoint Security Manager
The Admin login is the primary login created during installation, and is the primary login for Super Administrator. If this password is lost, it can be reset using the Forcepoint Setup file.
Note In order to properly reset the password, the SQL credentials for the account responsible for the log database will need to be known. 

Cannot log into Manager with Network Account
This article gives troubleshooting for issues when logging in with a Network account versus the primary Admin login or local account in Triton Manager. 

“A general error has occurred” message displayed when adding new TRITON Administrators​
This article details what steps to take if this generic error happens when adding new administrators under Triton Settings. For information on adding Network Account, visit Adding a network account

TRITON Manager not loading in Internet Explorer on Windows Server
This is a specific issue with Internet Explorer and does not happen on other browsers.

Services hanging on Stop or Starting state and Manager Errors
There are Windows Updates released by Microsoft that are affecting services, including causing the following error in different sections of the Manager: 
"System Temporarily Unavailable The TRITON management server is either down or initializing"

Module specific issues

These issues happen when selecting the specific module (present as a button or tab) after a successful login has happened. 

General (All Modules)
Receiving error message "Extend and consolidate your security by adding…“ when trying to access Web, Data or Email modules
The message is normal if a license has not been purchased for one of the modules that are installed. This message is an error most commonly after having reinstalled EIP Infrastructure or after recovering the server where the Manager is installed.

Error: "HTTP status 404" appears when logging into TRITON Manager
Error 404 is commonly found for the Web module, though it may also happen for the Data module. 

"Forcepoint DLP could not be launched" error displayed when clicking the Data tab
This error is specific to Triton Manager itself can be logged into, and other modules (if in use) do not retrieve an error, but the Data module retrieves the error:
"Could not be launched"
Defining administrators
If user groups are added as administrators in the Manager, even if the group has all of the roles dedicated to Super Administrator, the user will always show as "Multiple Combined". This is intended behavior. As such, a user may show as "Multiple Combined" even though they have the Super Administrator access set. To assign a Super Administrator, the user will need to be added directly instead of by group. 

Email Security could not be launched” error appears in the Forcepoint Security Manager (formerly TRITON Manager)
This error is specific to when the Triton Manager itself can be logged into, and other modules (if in use) do not retrieve an error, but the Email module retrieves the error: "Could not be launched"

Why do I get an error when registering my license within the Email Security Manager?
This error is common for new deployments where the Email Security license still needs to be registered. 
"TRITON AP-WEB could not be launched" error displayed after restoring a policy database
This error is specific to Triton Manager itself can be logged into, and other modules (if in use) do not retrieve an error, but the Web module retrieves the error:
"Could not be launched"

"500 Server Error (website cannot display the page)" error displayed when logging on to TRITON Manager
This error is specific to the Web module not loading. Older versions may have this error due to the Manager certificates having become expired. Other errors may include: ​ 
"Error during SSL Handshake with remote server"
"The proxy server could not handle the request GET /mng/pages/firstcontact/websense.jsf​"

The role you requested (Super Administrator) is in use
If someone else is logged in as Super Administrator has logged out, or if the same person opens Triton Administrator in a new browser window, this error is expected. However, it may also present after the other party or browser has logged out for up to 15 minutes for Web. This article explains how to release the permissions if changes that need to be made are time sensitive for Web. For Data and Email, the role release happens almost instantaneously, which prevents the need for releasing the permissions. 

TRITON Web Security displaying internal error "cannot fulfill the request"
This article provides the steps necessary to clear the "Internal Error" message that might happen on Triton Manager server. Other times, it may resolve itself after 15 minutes or does not persist in other browsers. 

“There is no Policy Server running at this IP address.” error received when logging on to the Websense Manager
This error may happen due to file corruption when reaching the Policy Server, which this article explains how to clear. It is most often present if the Policy Server affected is also the Policy Broker, as the Policy Broker is the default initial Policy Server that the Manager loads. If this does not resolve the issue, or if there other Policy Server related error messages, please see: Policy Server **Featured Article**​

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