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Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is being implemented into more corporate environments today and often requires configuration to allow for proper functionality. Topics such as Using Microsoft Office 365 applications and How to configure Microsoft Office 365 with Cloud Web Security plus more are included.

Policy Server

A comprehensive overview of the most common information about setting up and troubleshooting the Policy Server component. Topics such as Policy Server does not start or experiences various connection errors and Switching between Policy Servers produces a "Could not connect to the Policy Server" error plus more are included.

Troubleshooting Skype

Allow and troubleshoot this collaborative tool to work through Forcepoint solutions. Topics such as How to allow Skype with Forcepoint Web Security and Unable to connect to meetings or phone calls with Skype or Skype for Business plus more are included.

Master Database

The Master Database is a key piece to filtering users properly. Wthout a fresh database download daily, improper filtering can occur and security could be compromised. Topics such as The Master Database and Corrupt Master Database files require fresh download plus more are included.

Forcepoint Services

The User Service and Filtering Service are critical to the operation and functionality of Forcepoint Web Security solutions. Topics such as User service is not available and Filtering Service is not running plus more are included.

Log Server and Log Database

The Log Server and Log Database are the foundations of a Forcepoint Web Security solution. Learn more about configuration, troubleshooting, and possible error messages.Topics such as How to update the ODBC and the Log Server connections​ and Log Server test connection failures plus more are included.

User Identification Issues

Understanding how users are identified will help determine if a filtering issue with receiving the correct policy is related to an authentication issue. Topics such as Determining Identification Method and Using DC Agent for Transparent User Identification plus more are included.

Forcepoint Security Manager

The Forcepoint Security Manager (previously known as Triton Manager) is the primary manager for Forcepoint products. Topics include How to create and install a new server certificate in the TRITON EIP infrastructure and Error: "HTTP status 404" appears when logging into TRITON Manager plus more are included.


Quarantined Emails

One of Forcepoint Email product's primary functions is to quarantine emails to protect users. Learn more about configuration and troubleshooting. Topics such as Legitimate messages are being quarantined and considered to be spoofed and Quarantine Emails from a particular email address plus more are included.

Product Errors

A high level overview of errors specific to Connection, Certificate, Installation and Upgrade for Forcepoint products. Topics such as WCG Error: A client exceeded the 100 per second connection rate limit and Appliance upgrade fails with Internal command error plus more are included.



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