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Forcepoint products contain many services that are critical to the operation and functionality for proper security measures. This page is designed to be a one-stop shop with featured content articles that provide relevant information about setting up and troubleshooting these different services.

Note The featured content listed may apply to multiple products and versions. Verify the products and versions stated in the article to ensure you are reviewing the correct featured content for your configuration.

User Service


User service on an appliance or Linux server

Connecting to Windows Active Directory (Native Mode)

What rights does Forcepoint User Service and DC Agent need to pull and authenticate directory objects?


User configuration and identification issues

User service is not available

Change in Active Directory is not reflected in the Forcepoint Security Manager

Filtering Service


Working with Filtering Service

How many Filtering Service instances can be deployed to a single Policy Server?

Hide the Filtering Service IP Address in a block page URL


Filtering Service is not running

Insufficient disk space on Filtering Service machine

How to use DiagClient to verify the subscription count from Filtering Service on an appliance

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