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Forcepoint Web Security products use a feature called the Master Database to categorize websites (identified by URL and IP address) with the same type of content into groups as well as communication protocols that accomplish the same tasks such as P2P or file transfers. This page is designed to be a one-stop shop with featured content articles that provide relevant information about setting up and troubleshooting the Master Database.

Note The featured content listed may apply to multiple products and versions. Verify the products and versions stated in the article to ensure you are reviewing the correct featured content for your configuration.

Overview and Configuration

The Master Database
This document covers the Master Database, including real-time updates, real-time database updates, and real-time security updates.

Configuring Database Downloads
How to configure database downloads. 

Configuring System Alerts
How to configure system alerts.

Configuring Your Account Information
How to configure your account information,

Review Master Database download status
How to review the master database download status. 


Master database download failure message received on V Series appliance
How to resolve a database download failure message on a V Series appliance.

Force Master Database download
This article provides instructions to force a master database download.

Corrupt Master Database files require fresh download
How to delete a corrupt master database and download a new database.

Master Database Download Failure Error: Failed to recv from socket. errno = 11
"Failed to recv socket from socket. errno =11" errors seen in DDSCommtrace.txt. Web Security Hotfixes mitigate the issue by updating the DDSCommRetryTimes from -1 to 3

Master Database Update Failed Error "The Websense Master Database format is incorrect"
Web Security Hotfixes mitigate database downloads being interrupted due to corruption in the policy database.

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