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Problem Description

You may experience an extended delay when Chrome v64 or higher tries to load a web page on a Windows endpoint machine.
If you use Chrome v64 or higher on a Windows endpoint machine, the browser becomes unresponsive for a few minutes and displays a “Waiting for …” message at the bottom of the browser window. If the Forcepoint Endpoint extension was the last extension loaded before Chrome became unresponsive, the message at the bottom of the window may be “Waiting for Forcepoint Extension …”.


Forcepoint has investigated this issue and found that the cause varies based on each customer's environment. 
If you are currently using Chrome v66 or lower and experiencing this delay, we recommend that you take the following actions:
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Chrome (Chrome v67 or higher)
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Forcepoint Endpoint (as of December 20, 2018: v18.12.754). This build is available from the Forcepoint Downloads site under Forcepoint One Endpoint. This endpoint package builder can create Forcepoint One Endpoint (DLP), Forcepoint Web Security Endpoint, and combined Forcepoint Endpoint installation packages.
If you continue to experience this delay after upgrading to the latest software, contact Forcepoint Support to troubleshoot.

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