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Problem Description

Logging appears to be working, however, the Log Server Test Connection button results in Forcepoint Security Manager (formerly Triton Manager) showing a "Failure: Network Exception" error or an "IO Exception" error.

Also, the BCP Test Location button is displaying a "Path is invalid" error.

For v8.3 and later:

For v8.2 and earlier:
For Hybrid Accounts, it will also generate the following alert:
Alert: Sync Service connection to hybrid service or Log Server timed out due to connection issues.
Description: Confirm your Sync Service proxy configuration is correct on the Settings>Hybrid Configuration>Scheduling page. If no proxy is configured on this page, check there are no network issues between Sync Service and the hybrid service or Log Server.
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Websense.log shows the following error:
03/25/2018 09:29:38,Error,WebsenseSyncService@,SyncService,WsRESTRequest.java:261,0x15d0001,Communication failure detected on transmission to server.


In order to resolve the issue, follow the steps below:

If on-premise logging is working and reports can be generated in Investigative Reports and Presentation Reports, this issue is most likely due to the configuration in the logserver.ini file.
  1. Navigate to the Websense\Web Security\bin directory.
  2. Open the logserver.ini file.
  3. Search for the Host token at the bottom to make sure it has the correct Log Server IP address. 
  4. If the problem persists, edit the file by commenting out the Host token by typing a ; before the word like the below example.

Note Host=<LogServer_IP> may be required, if pointing to a remote server, or if the server hosting log server has multiple NICs
  1. Navigate to Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Restart the Log Server service and test the connections again.
If the issue persists, raise a case with Technical Support for assistance. 

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