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Problem Description

I cannot access a website using the cloud or hybrid proxy service. I receive an HTTP 500 Internal Server error on the browser. When bypassing the cloud/hybrid proxy, it works fine.
This issue may occur under two circumstances:
  1. The web site blocks access to the Forcepoint cloud data center that you are using.
  2. The web site does not like the Client-IP/X-Forwarded-For headers that are injected by the service when connecting to the web server.


To address this issue:
  1. Add the URL in the proxy bypass settings, or redirect the request to another proxy.
  2. Create a support case and provide the following details:
    1. Support PIN: this is a six digit number found under Help in the Forcepoint Security Portal.
    2. Browser Debug Log. Follow the steps in Collecting browser debug logs.
    3. Wireshark capture taken while reproducing the error.
    4. Screenshot of the result of this query URL on the browser - http://query.webdefence.global.blackspider.com/?with=all

The Technical Support team will escalate your issue.
Note Forcepoint cannot control if or when the data center will be unblocked by the web site. Where immediate access to the URL is needed, follow the instructions in step 1.

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