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What are commands similar to WDEUtil on Windows machines that can be used to troubleshoot and operate the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint on Mac environments?


To obtain log files or check configuration files, the Endpoint is installed in the following location by default:
cd /Library/Application Support/Websense Endpoint/EPClassifier

All of these commands need to be run with elevated permissions or with the root account under Terminal.

Disable Anti-Tampering

wepsvc --disable-anti-tampering --wsdlp --password {pwd}

Disable the Chrome Extension

wepsvc --disable-Chrome-extension --password {pwd}

Collect Logs

wepsvc --collect-debug-logs
Or go to System Preferences, click Forcepoint, and then click Save Debug Logs to Desktop.

Install the Endpoint as Root

su -
sudo installer -pkg "WebsenseEndpoint.pkg" -target "/"

    Additional Commands

    wepsvc --helpDisplays the help message
    wepsvc --status --{wsdlp | wspxy | wsrf}Display the status of the component 
    wepsvc --start --{wsdlp | wspxy | wsrf  | all}Start the specified component
    wepsvc --stop --{wsdlp | wspxy | wsrf  | all} --password {pwd}Stop the specified component
    wepsvc --uninstall --password {pwd}Uninstall the Endpoint
    wepsvc --enable-anti-tampering --{wsdlp | wspxy | wsrf} --password {pwd}Enable anti-tampering protection of the component
    wepsvc --disable-anti-tampering --{wsdlp | wspxy | wsrf} --password {pwd}Disable anti-tampering protection of the component
    wepsvc --update --wsdlpTrigger the process of updating the server profile
    wepsvc --dump-event-log --wsdlpDump DLP event log
    wepsvc --collect-debug-logsCollect the related logs and save them on desktop
    wepsvc --enable-chrome-extension --password {pwd}Enables Chrome extension. Requires Google Chrome browser restart.
    wepsvc --disable-chrome-extension --password {pwd}Disables Chrome extension

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