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Problem Description

What are the minimum system requirements needed to install and run the Forcepoint CASB Cloud Discovery Tool? What information does Forcepoint technical support need to create a format file?


The minimum system requirements for Windows 32 & 64 bit are as follows:
  1. 250GB disk (SSD not needed)
  2. 2 Cores
  3. 4GB of memory
    1. This may be a virtual machine.
  4. A user with Admin credentials.
  5. User needs to be able to communicate directly to my.skyfence.com via port 443 (via https). The discovery tool will only trust the my.skyfence.com certificate. Ensure that you do not do any SSL offloading or SSL inspection for my.skyfence.com.
  6. Logs should be copied, accessed to or by the Windows machine.
    1. May be placed in a directory which the discovery tool will scan.
For format file creation:
  1. A sample of the logs, about 100 lines, is required in order to create a format file for parsing it.
    1. Should be sent to Technical Support prior to the deployment session.

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