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Forcepoint products are compatible with various applications. This page is designed to be a one-stop shop with featured content articles that provide relevant information regarding fixing application issues. 

Note The featured content listed may apply to multiple products and versions. Verify the products and versions stated in the article to ensure you are reviewing the correct featured content for your configuration.

Important Unless specified otherwise, the articles displayed are apply to Web Security with Content Gateway. In most cases, the issue for access or functionality comes from an application calling out to a server not located within the deployment. In this regard, application access mirror Website Access issues and have similar solutions. Wireshark may be necessary to find out where an application is attempting to connect if not listed on the Application Developer's website for Firewall or Proxy exclusions. For information if a specific product is not listed, see Websites that have difficulty transiting Content Gateway and Site access issues with Content Gateway or V-Series appliances.

Conferencing Software

Connecting to GoToAssist and other LogMeIn collaboration products
This article goes into detail for allowing the various LogMeIn, formerly Citrix owned remote products.

Unable to connect to GoToMeeting via Websense Content Gateway
This article is specific to GoToMeeting software.

Users cannot connect to a WebEx session
This article is specific to WebEx meeting software. 

Having Trouble joining the meeting? error displayed when trying to launch Webex
This article is specific to WebEx.

ScreenConnect application does not work via proxy
This article deals with ScreenConnect from ConnectWise.

How to allow Skype with Forcepoint Web Security
Allow Skype or Skype for Business.

When using Forcepoint Web Security Cloud the connection to Skype is inconsistent
How to fix the connection to Skype when using Forcepoint Web Security Cloud

Unable to connect to meetings or phone calls with Skype or Skype for Business
How to connect to Skype or Skype for Business with Web On-Premises.

How to access Zoom Remote session meetings via Websense Content Gateway
Enable Zoom in the Content Gateway.  

GoTo Conferencing Software issues while using Forcepoint Cloud Web Security
Unable to share video using Webcam, join meetings, or otherwise having some trouble with GoToMeeting, GoToAssist or GoToWebinar while using Forcepoint Web Security.

Office 365


How to configure Microsoft Office 365 with Cloud Web Security
As of Cloud Release 6, Microsoft Office 365 bypasses can be applied to Forcepoint Web Security Cloud.

Using Microsoft Office 365 applications
Learn more about Microsoft's guidance for Office 365.


Video: Web Security Proxy Configurations for Microsoft Office 365
Steps to configure Office 365 authentication bypasses and Office 365 proxy bypasses for both on premise and cloud-based deployments.

Microsoft Lync connection fails using Office 365 and Forcepoint Web Security Cloud
You may experience a connection failure when Microsoft Lync renews a certificate for Forcepoint Web Security Cloud

8.5 Office 365 Bypass
The new bypass options added to Forcepoint Security Manager (formerly TRITON Manager).


Scanning Microsoft Office 365 documents with Forcepoint Data Security Solutions
How to use discovery on Office 365 documents.

Creating an automatic VPN connection script for TRITON AP-DATA Email Gateway
The script can be added so that it runs automatically on startup.


Office 365 and Forcepoint Email Security
How to configure Office 365 with On premises Forcepoint Email Security

Relaying Outbound and Internal mail from Office 365 or GSuite
Relaying Outbound mail from Office 365 and Gsuite through Forcepoint Email Security 

Securing Your Office 365 Inbound Mail Flow
Forcepoint's recommended practice of locking down your inbound email flow in Office 365.

How to configure Microsoft Office 365 with Cloud Email Security
Configure Office 365 to send Inbound and Outbound mail through Cloud Email Security

Other Software

SSL VPN connections through Content Gateway
When using SSL Decryption, SSL VPN connections may fail, this article explains how to bypass.

Access a WebSocket enabled application by bypassing the proxy
Content Gateway at this time does not support WebSocket traffic. 

Tunneling Slack WebSockets
This article gives the specific parameters to allow Slack. 

Unable to access Apple iTunes or the App Store
This article has multiple options for allowing iTunes or the Apple App Store including if not using a Content Gateway. 

Web Cloud users on Mac OS cannot connect to Apple App store
This article explains how to provide an SSL Decryption Bypass in Web Cloud and Web Hybrid (when off-prem). 

Facebook Mobile App does not work through Content Gateway
Facebook Mobile App uses TLS 1.3. 

Google Drive Desktop Application fails SYNC request when proxying
This particular issue happens when using SSL Decryption.

Cannot access Dropbox when proxying through Content Gateway
This explains what to do to allow Dropbox; similarly, this also works for box.com. 

Unable to block UltraSurf
This article explains how to properly block this proxy avoidance software. Requires SSL Decryption with Content Gateway. 

Unable to publish reports in Power BI Desktop
This issue is specific to publishing reports for Power BI Desktop, but also works for most other issues with Power BI Desktop when being filtered.

Unable to activate Microsoft Excel 2010 online with Content Gateway
This is specific to Office 2010, which reaches end of life with Microsoft in 2020. 

Block downloading and uploading attachments in LinkedIn messaging
This issue only applies to LinkedIn Messaging, SSL Decryption must be in use for configuration.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web is not working through cloud proxy
WhatsApp application doesn't work when connecting through Forcepoint Cloud Proxy

WhatsApp Web on-premise and Hybrid QR code not displaying
QR Code is not showing when accessing web.whatsapp.com

TeamViewer Software Does not connect with WCG
Unable to connect to Team Viewer application via on premise WCG proxy server.

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