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Web Security Gmail not completely blocked. Google.com is allowed but Gmail is set to be blocked by Category: General Email. If the user tries to go directly to mail.google.com it is blocked. However, if the user goes to google.com and clicks the link to Gmail, which links to mail.gmail.com, they are allowed to get there. What can I do to completely block Gmail while allowing google.com?
Web Security 0x12c8000:websense policy service failed to start
Email Security Export Blocked Messages list? When navigating within the Email module to Blocked Messages, how does one export this list? I'm trying to filter on messages blocked due to viruses to see who the main recipients are, but doesn't appear to be any way to export the list. PS... this new-ish Community message board is the pits. Messages scroll off the screen so they don't get attention; popular messages don't percolate to the top, and I get an email about EVERY post to the group, with no way to control which topics within the group I get notified about.
Web Security Triton Investigative Reports - "Couldn't connect to database" All appears fine on TWS, LOG and SQL server - all services started etc but application log on LOG server - Event id4096 "0x1568000: The database may be down or unreachable."
Web Security V5000 G2r2 Upgrade Trying to upgrade my V500 G2r2 to 7.8.4 from 7.8.1 I get an error saying; ERROR:disk space checking failed: the free disk space of domain wcg does not meet the patch requirements I've checked the disk usage page in the status section and all looks fine apart from the 'Cache' partition (which i believe is supposed to be full). The Appliance Controller has 17GB free, the WGC System partition has 7.2GB free, the Websense Security system partition has 28GB free and the Network Agent System Partition has 10.5GB free Any Suggestions?

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