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Web Security Office 2016 Bypass Has anyone been able to setup a bypass in Cloud Web Security Gateway to allow Microsoft Office 2010/13/16 to install and activate? If so how? Thanks.
Web Security The management console cannot connect to the primary Policy Server. Here is the exact error: The management console cannot connect to the primary Policy Server. The version is correct but Policy Server cannot be reached. There are no available secondary Policy Servers with the proper version. Please make sure there is at least one Policy Server running whose version matches the management console version, and network communication is possible between them. To attempt to restart the primary Policy Server, click Restart. this happen after windows update
Web Security Realtime Monitor fails to identify some or all users (intermitted intervals). It seems that after Microsoft KB3163622 this issue occurred. Users of course are not retrieving policy correctly. I've been on the line with tech support and have gotten nowhere. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've rebooted, restarted services, set Computer Browser service to automatic, Cleared Cache Service, net view \\ComputerName works on My DC and all my DNS servers, but not client computers.....desperately in need of help.
Network Security I'm a former Intel Security customer who has a pair of McAfee Firewall Enterprise (Sidewinder) Firewalls and a pair of McAfee Next Generation Firewalls (Stonesoft).  I am taking vacation next month and am preparing documents to help the coworkers covering my duties know how to contact the various support centers.  Since the Aug 1 turnover to Forcepoint of support for these two products, what information do we need when we call the support number?  For instance, will you need the old Intel Security grant number?  Serial numbers of appliances? Please advise.  Thank you! 
Network Security Tech Support may be tech support has e-mail address?